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Buddy Belt Dog Harness (Classic Regular Colors) Padded Dog Harness Soft

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Buddy Belt Pet Harness For Dogs, Puppy, Cats
Innovative yes stylishly fabulous, BUDDY BELT'S unique, patented design reduces stress on your pet’s neck and easy to use. Buddy Belt dog harness is made specifically for sensitive breeds to prevent choking, coughing, gagging and takes the pressure off the neck, great for pullers. Features
          º  Rides low on the chest to reduces stress and 
             resistance on the neck, spine and throat or trachea
          º  Is made with 100% soft leather and quality hardware,
             cut from one solid piece of leather (more durable since
             fewer breaks from fewer 'sewn' parts
          º  One buckle makes it easy, safe and quick for on and off
          º  BUDDY BELTS sizing:  from 2 to 100+ pounds
          º  Option to customize the harness by adding bling!
             (options: ocean pearl or crystals) special order
          º  Buddy Belts are highly recommended for breeds like
             yorkie, chihuahua, dachshunds, pugs or any other 
             breeds with sensitive necks and backs.
Matching Buddy Belt  leashes are available & sold separately...available in all leather or leather/nylon combination...see photos below. If your dog is EXTRA sensitive, we offer harness liners that provide added protection and are sold separately
Buddy Belts can be worn by itself, under clothes, or over clothes.  Purchase a second set to be worn over clothes during the winters!
Size: See below for harness and leash sizes

Availability: This product usually ships in 2-14 days; special order (larger sizes or added embellishments), please allow extra time to ship.

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Sizing Guide
We highly recommend measuring your pet. Size below is for this Buddy Belt harness only. This Buddy Belt pet harness is not exchangeable if you opt to customize with crystals. Keep in mind that leather may need 'break in' time for it to soften up even more. If your pet is super sensitive, we offer liners that are made specifically for Buddy Belt harnesses, sold separately.

Need assistance? Contact us and we will be more than happy to help. Read our return policy before making a purchase.

Harness Size Chart                                         
Size             Chest                                            
Size 1        8-10 inch (20-25 cm)                   

Size 2     10-12 inch (25-30 cm)                   

Size 3     12-14 inch (30-35 cm)                   

Size 4     14-16 inch (35-40 cm)                   
Size 5     16-18 inch (40-45 cm)                   

Size 6     18-22 inch (45-56 cm)  (special order ; allow up to 2 weeks to ship, no returns/exchanges)                 

Size 7     22-26 inch (55-66 cm)  (special order ; allow up to 2 weeks to ship, no returns/exchanges )              

Size 8     26-30 inch (66-75 cm) (special order ; allow up to 2 weeks to ship, no returns/exchanges )                                   

Size 9     30-36 inch (75-92 cm) (special order ; allow up to 2 weeks to ship, no returns/exchanges )                   

Size 10   35-42 inch (89-107 cm) (special order ; allow up to 2 weeks to ship, no returns/exchanges )       

      Leash Size Chart       

Leather 1/2" (inch) wide x 4' long (feet)     

Leather 3/4: (inch) wide x 4' long (feet)

Leather/Nylon 1/2" (inch) x 4' long (feet)

Leather/Nylon 1/2" (inch) x 6' long (feet)

Leather/Nylon 3/4" (inch) x 4' long (feet)

Leather/Nylon 1/2" (inch) x 6' long (feet)

Buddy Belt Dog Harness - Safety Harness For Small Dogs, Pets, Puppy, Cats, Leather, Kitten Harnesses, Puppy, Soft
Buddy Belt Harness For Dogs, Cats, Puppy, Pet, Small, Large, Step In Leather, Best Walking Harness, Dog Boutique

Buddy Belts Dog Harness, Walking Harness For Dogs, Pets, Cats, Puppy, Pet Boutique

How to measure: to find the perfect fit of a Buddy Belt...
Wrap a measuring tape all the way around the chest (girth) of your dog.  The chest (girth) is the area right below their two front legs (see photo below). An ideal fit will allow enough room for a finger or two to slip underneath harness when you give a light tug up on the sliding o-ring.  Measure in inches. If in-between, go up one size. Fit should be snug but yet not too loose to allow dog to wiggle free of the Buddy Belt harness. It is best that size should not be too large once it is worn and softened so that pet does not wiggle or escape out of their harness. 

How to use your Buddy Belt:
  1. 1.  To fit, place BB on ground topside down and position front legs through holes. 
         The buckle always goes to your pet's left paw.
  2. 2.  Wrap BB around body and fasten it between your pet's shoulder blades. An
         ideal fit will allow enough room for a finger or two to slip underneath when you
         give a light tug up on the sliding o-ring.
  3. 3.  When buckled, the BB should comfortably fasten at one of the three middle
         holes. There are five holes in total. If your dog is still growing the tightest hole is
         acceptable, as long as the BB still fits snugly. If your dog is wearing the BB over
         top of a sweater, the end hole is acceptable.
  4. 4.  Lastly, attach leash to sliding o-ring. Pet tags can also be attached here

BUDDY BELTS have a unique patented design that makes it easy to use. It has only one buckle and slips on in seconds. The most important aspect of the design is the reduction of pressure on the throat or trachea. Pressure on this area over time has been shown to cause problems. In some cases, this pressure can significantly affect your dog's health and, potentially, its lifespan.

BUDDY BELT is a premium product. Before discovering the BUDDY BELT, several users said they spent a lot more money buying collars and harnesses that simply did not work, or that were difficult to use. BUDDY BELT'S value lies in its design, fabrication and function and the fact that it provides better health and well being for both the dog and the owner. Save a neck!
BUDDY BELTS harnesses are made of leather. Before intial wear, it is highly recommended that you treat your BUDDY BELT harness with a quality water and stain repellent product. If your BUDDY BELT harness gets wet, allow it to dry flat at room temperature. Never put leather in the dryer. For suede BUDDY BELTS, buff with a soft towel to restore the surface. Try to avoid products with silicone and/or wax as these ingredients tend to break down the natural oils in leather. Apply product initially and every two to three months with regular wear. Please note that the BUDDY BELT harnesses are not intended for swimming or other full water play. To clean your BUDDY BELT, gently blot liquid stains with a damp cloth. In the event of salt stains from winter wear, wipe Buddy Belt harnesses with a clean, damp cloth after each wear and dry naturally. Re-treat as necessary.
The BUDDY BELT can be worn over top of a sweater or coat, provided that you have enough room for adjustibility. Another option is to purchase a second BUDDY BELT, one size larger, just for winter. There are some coats/sweaters that include a hole at the top in order to accommodate BUDDY BELT so it can be worn underneath.

Shop our luxury dog boutique for no choke dog harness. We have xxs puppy harness and large dog harnesses for larger breed pets.

* For harness sizes noted as special ordered, if a return/exchange is requested, a 20% restocking fee is applicable due to the special ordered nature.

Product Reviews

Author: Asa B
The two Buddy Harnesses I ordered from Sassy Pup are appropriate for my sensitive little dogs - the fit is terrific - and they look so cute wearing them. Thank you!

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