Grooming your dogs can actually check their health conditions, however, looking on the other side of it, grooming is done to enhance the appearance of our best friend. Grooming bows for dogs may be expensive to purchase at dog stores, thus here are some steps to make your own hair bows for your best friend.


The materials needed for a Do-It-Yourself Grooming Bow are:

  • Small rubber bands
  • Plastic rhinestones
  • Crochet hook, pencil, paintbrush, or a screwdriver
  • Ribbon

*NOTE: There are two types of ribbon that you can choose from, opaque fatter ribbon and skinnier silk ribbon.


The procedure to be followed to make a hair bow for your pet:

  1. Gather all the equipments needed to make a grooming bow.
  2. Place the small rubber band on the crochet hook (or pencil, paintbrush, screwdriver).
  3. Make a loop by folding the ends of a smaller ribbon. Fold the ends in half and overlap it on the middle.
  4. Repeat the third step using a larger ribbon. Hold the folded small ribbon and large ribbon at the same time, place the smaller ribbon in the middle of the top of the large ribbon.
  5. Place the ribbons on top of the crochet hook (or pencil, paintbrush, screwdriver). Be sure to place the ribbon at the center, to put the rubber band directly over the tip of the crochet hook and below the ribbons.
  6. Pull the bottom of the rubber band up and over the crochet. After that, release the rubber band, it is now above the top portion of the rubber band.
  7. Next, the bow will be folded in half and pull the rubber band gently. Make sure to place the rubber band at the center to easily adjust the ribbon.
  8. After the seventh step, remove the crochet hook (or pencil, paintbrush, screwdriver)

There you go! You now have a DIY grooming bow for your best friend.

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