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Pet Flys F.A.Q.

Product Features:
•3 sizes approved by most major airlines for in cabin travel    •Roomy, comfy interior    •Heart shaped brag window    •Two interchangeable handles (including shoulder straps)    •Peek-a-boo roll up flap   •Stainless steel wire window   •Fur-lined removable hard bottom insert   • Blankie to snuggle   •Side pocket    •Easy to clean pleather   •User-friendly faux fur-lined side entrance   •Buckles easily to the car for maximum safety   •Non-collapsible design   •Fun and stylish color and design

Is your airline carrier just for dogs?
Answer: Absolutely not! We encourage all sorts of critters to have their own Pet Flys carrier: cats, rabbits, birds, ferrets, hamsters
Is this carrier okay on all airlines?
Answer: While the small and the mini are approved on most airlines we recommend checking with your airline directly for size restrictions.
What about the medium size?
Answer: The medium can be turned on its side and slid under the seat handle 1st on some airlines. Again, check with your airline carrier for size restrictions.
What if my pet has a little 'accident" in the carrier?
Answer: Pet Flys carriers are conveniently lined with an easy-to-clean pvc material. Clean with any mild household cleaner but be sure to rinse thoroughly and air out to ensure your pets safety. For scuff marks and such on the outside, use a slightly abrasive cleanser.
What is the chain for?
Answer: Just in case you think there is any possibility of your pet jumping out of it's Pet Flys. Attach one end to the stainless steel window and the other to your pets collar. Remember, never ever leave your pet unattended in this or any other pet carrier.
What is the other strap for? Answer: We provide two interchangeable handles. The longer strap can be attached to easily carry your Pet Flys on your shoulder. You should only be using 1 handle at a time. Use the sliding loops for extra security after snapping the snaps.
How do I care for my scented garment? Answer: Easy! Just machine wash on gentle and tumble dry on low. Your pets' body heat will re-energize the scent to enjoy for quite some time.
Can I order a carrier with my pets name on it?
Answer: Since we produce in large quantities, we are unable to do custom orders. Check with a local embroider in your area, they can probably embroider your pets name on the front flap!
What if my pet doesn't like carriers?
Answer: For cats, leave the carrier open with some favorite toys and maybe some cat-nip and put the carrier in an out of the way spot for your cat to discover and explore on its own. In no time you will find your kitty inside its new Pet Flys carrier and in love with its new cat cave! For dogs, shove them in and go! Just kidding! Here are a few ideas, Plan ahead! If you have a trip coming up, buy your Pet Flys early and start with short trips around town. Soon your dog will equate his Pet Flys with a fun adventure! Or, shove them in and go! Still kidding! Coax your pup into the carrier with a special treat like cheese. Or, shove them in, okay, enough! At bedtime let your pet fall asleep in its usual spot, then gently place them in their Pet Flys and place the carrier on the bed next to you. They will awaken oh-so-happy to wake up next to you in their Pet Flys carrier. Repeat as needed until they are comfortable in their Pet Flys at all times

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