Benefits of Having Dogs and How Do you keep them Alive

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A dog is a pet animal and considered as the man’s best friend. It gives a loving and honest companion and in turn, the dog becomes loyal and a best friend to the owner. It also loves and respects its owner and can go everywhere with him. It has also been proven that dogs are very useful and obedient animal for humans. Dogs show their affection towards the owner by wagging its tail and or licking any part of the owner’s body. Evidently, it helps a lot to the owner all through the life in various ways such as it removes the loneliness of the owner and provides a companion. It is also a very watchful animal; dogs provide their duties to their owners faithfully. What I mean here is that if one trains a dog to be easily controlled and taught anything, and since dogs can be very vigilant in nature, it can hear very slow sound in the night but you never know that it takes action so soon and they could watch over the house of the owner and the owner himself from bad happenings, twenty-four-seven. There are still various benefits as to how dogs help the owner not just in the activities of daily living but also in the life of the owner as well. But how do you keep dogs healthy? How do you let them stay well?

Many people or owners of the dogs believed that when they purchase a dog, all it needs is food, water, shelter, and that vaccinations really aren’t important. Almost all pets need vaccinations that are crucial to their wellbeing. The price of keeping them alive and kicking and healthy are quite high which is one of the reasons why most owners refuse to get their dogs vaccinated. But the cost of the dog getting sick is still expensive too which makes it equal to the expensiveness of getting them vaccinated. The lifespan of a dog is very small however it can live up to approximately twelve to fifteen years long, would you still do not want to give the dog they want, need, and what they deserve? Aside from having them vaccinated, the dogs need love and quality time with their owners. It’s the things that keep them being loyal to their owners that made them respectful, obedient and loving as well. Communication also is a great way to develop a good relationship with the dog. Yes, communication; dogs can interact with people not just in a means of talking which can somewhat be applied to some dogs, but also the quality time with their owners. Quality time will help the owner to get to know the pet and understand certain behaviors and particular needs that it might have to help him identify or recognize early signs of illness. Furthermore, the time spent having quality time with the dog will help prevent many undesirable behavioral patterns. Life having dogs with you at home or elsewhere can help you, not just to guard you but these little creatures take away the stress you are facing every day, so take good care of them as they will or they are to you!

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