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We were featured on a dogblog…

The Sassy Pup pet boutique was featured on an online dog blog!  Check out the article and the two products featured on:

spoil spot #1 for this biker pup dog tee

Biker Pup Pet Tee

spoil spot #2 for this litttle pink dress

Fancy Luxury Dog Dress ‘Little Pink’

Our old website and shopping cart was not capable of handling the task we needed so we spent 3 months working feverishly with a great web developer to redesign a completely new website with a more user-friendly design and nicer looking website for our customers. The web developer was able to take the concepts we had envisioned and created a beautiful and functional website with really cool features. Since launch of our new website www.sassypup.net on July 6, 2007, we have had overwhelming response from our customers.  Our customers are commenting how wonderful the new website looks. We also have some neat features where there are customer loyalty points, for each amount of dollar spent, you get free loyalty points that you can redeem for $ off for our next purchase. We also feature a doggie gift registry to register for that cool trendy doggie birthday party new products on our website, have a cool blog page which we will try to blog at least once a month with news and fun articles, products review for each product from customers,  and hundreds of brand new products. What do you think of our new website?



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