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Halloween Dog Costumes

September 23, 2008 | Comments (0) | Doggie Fashion News

Halloween is just around the corner…could you believe it? Is your dog participating in your trick-or-treat festivities or perhaps they are going to a Halloween dress up party? There are so many doggie costumes on the market these days and the pet costumes come in an array of fun themes. You can find puppy costumes everywhere these days. The most popular dog costumes tend to be those that are from cartoons or popular movies.  If the Bee Movie was the big thing that particular year, then the bee costumes seem to be in most demand. When searching for a pet costumes, look for one that is made of quality material, is comfortable, your pet can see and most importantly if they are going trick or treating, look for a dog costume that has a d-ring so you can attach a leash when you walk them.  Happy Halloween and make sure you capture your doggy in that cool Halloween costume this year!

When purchasing a dog bed, it is important to purchase a quality pet bed. Like many things, the quality of the bed is important and you will get what you pay for. Most beds on the market that you can purchase are low quality beds, usually made in China and will fall apart when you try to wash the bed. In addition, these puppy beds will not have enough cushioning. Like humans, dogs need good beds too, with adequate cushioning for comfort and longevity of their posturing.

The first and foremost thing when you are purchasing a dog bed is of course the look. Are you looking for a dog bed that matches your decor? Secondly, what size do you need and what health ‘features’ are you looking for in the puppy bed. Does that pet bed need to be round, square? Do you want a bolster donut bed style, pillow top, mats, rugs, feather down fill, cuddle cup sleeping bag style for those that love to burrow or are you looking for a fun novelty dog bed. Also, what material is the pet bed covered with? Is it covered with something soft and comfortable and is it removable for washing?  For certain seasons, pet beds also come in cooling material to keep your pet cool during the hot summers and heated beds are available for those cold winters. 

When it comes to pet beds, do your research.  We suggest sticking to quality name brand beds such as Bowsers Beds, Jax and Bones feather down beds. These are two designer name brand pet beds that are  made of quality upholstery grade covering, is washable/removable, and made of quality internal material that will have longevity, feels great, looks cool and will hold up and provide the quality comfort you are looking for your beloved puppy!

Dog Diapers and Potty Training Bells For Puppy

September 1, 2008 | Comments (0) | Doggie Fashion News

Does your darling have trouble with potty training? We suggest dog diapers. Dog Diapers are the solution to dogs that are hard to housebreak or those that are not quite 100% housebroken.  Diapers arealso great when males like to mark their territory, puppies, senior dogs, female dogs in heat. Puppy diapers allow owners to feel confident about letting their beloved doggie roam the house with confidence that they will not soil the house.

What to look for in pet diapers? These diapers for dogs come in two types. Females have traditional looking diapers whereas male dogs use belly bands. Our doggy diapers are adorable, come in a variety of prints, are washable and reusable and most importantly functional. When purchasing a dog diaper, measure around the hip area for female dogs. For male dogs, we suggest measuring right around the area where these bellybands would sit. 

If you prefer an alternative to pet diapers,  we suggest is the use of potty training bells. These bells hang on the door where you take your pet out to potty. You can train yoru pet to ring the bells when they need to go out to potty.  With 95% effectiveness, these pet training bells are highly recommended by dog trainers and vets.

Dog Slings

Did you know that dog slings are the ‘it’ carriers this season? Our customers LOVE LOVE slings as it is functional, easy and comfortable to use and allows customers to carry their pets as they run errands. 

So what do you look for when shopping for a sling? Quality.  There are slings on the market that are considered ‘cheap’ but may not be sturdy or comfortable enough. We suggest looking for slings that are made of sturdy fabric, a doggy sling that is thick and lined, has a hook attachment that will allow you to hook your puppy or pet so that your darling is safe and secure. Our dog slings also have pockets for personal belongings, made of soft material and many of our slings for dogs come with straps that are adjustable to your body.

Pet slings are great for dogs under 15 lbs. Pets love being carried arround in slings.  If you are looking for trendy stylish doggie slings, shop at our dog boutique www.sassypup.net Both our female and male customers love the functionality of our couture dog slings. We offer designer Susan Lanci slings and Pet Flys Slings that are so cool.



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