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Dog Pajamas

With the cold winters slowly creeping, pet pajamas are a customer favorite!  These adorable dog pj is not only functional and keeps small puppy and small dogs warm during the winters, it is so gosh darn cute!  Our pet pjs are unique, made of quality material and are so warm and cozy. We offer dog pajamas for the little boys and girls.  Puppy pj’s are great for when a dog is just lounging at home or for sleeping.  These pet will absolutely love lounging in these doggie pajama.

Dog pj’s come in a variety of styles. There is the four legged dog pj (great for male or female dogs), dog nighties for the little girls and nightshirts for the little boys.  These pet pjs come in fun, vibrant, trendy prints and in teacup extra small up to large sizes.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua Movie…

Since the release of Beverly Hills Chihuahua, tons of dog owners are rushing out to get the dog clothes and dresses seen in the movie.  Items worn by the chihuahua Chloe are flying off shelves everywhere.  One of our favorite is the pink and green stripe harness dress worn by Chloe in BEverly Hills Chihuahua. This item can be found in our dog boutique under our dog clothes and dog harness section.

With the release of Beverly Hills Chihuahua,  we predict that more and more owners will dress up their pets with pet clothes and accessories and this will become more mainstream.  This Hollywood movie depicts spoiled dogs everywhere being pampered with designer dog apparel.   Some people may chuckle at the idea of dressing up their pets but dog clothes is not only cute but functional, especially during the cold winters.  Many of our shoppers do not have children of their own and so their puppy is their ‘baby’. Others just love the idea of spoiling their little dogs and it’s just plain fun to dress up a dog.  Perhaps Paris Hilton did start a trend with her yorkie - who is contantly in the limelight dressed in fancy designer pet clothes, dresses and cute accessories.

Dog Christmas Clothes…

October 3, 2008 | Comments (0) | Doggie Fashion News

The holidays are looming nearby and our pet parents are already buying Christmas dog clothes for their pets! Mrs Claus, santa suits and formal fancy dog dresses are a must have for doggie parents. Pets are such a huge part of our families these days that we include them in every holiday, party and family event.

With the winter coming, dog coats and jackets, fleece pet pajamas, puppy sweaters, doggie shoes & socks, are an essential item to every fashionista’s wardrobe. These dog clothes are truly functional and best of all, they are fun, trendy, and so gosh darn cute!

Doggie Diapers & Belly Bands

Many pet parents find it fustrating that they are unable or do not have the time to propertly potty train their dogs.  Others find it hard to crate train a small pet for long periods of time. There are many products out on the market these days that work wonderfully. Female dog diapers and male belly bands are the perfect solution to this problem. A lot of little dogs are hard to housebreak.  The will have accidents around the house, leaving them less freedom to roam around and doggie parents end up being fustrated, sometimes at their wit’s end.  Also, apartment dwellers may find it too troublesome to walk their dog several times a day to potty outdoors.   These pet diapers are a great solution for a puppy, full grown dog and more senior dogs that have trouble holding.  Our doggie diapers come in a variety of fun colors and styles, why not make it fun and hip right?  These dog diapers are rewashable (let’s go green!!) and reusable.

Another solution is the use of dog potty training bells. These are bells you hang on the door that you enter/exit.  You spend a little bit of time training them to use the bell to let you know when they need to go out and do their deed.  These dog traininig bells are highly recommended by vets and pet trainers and show to have about a 95% effective rate.  Puppy potty bells are a great solution to potty problems and really do work as long as you put in the time to train them! Be consistent and you and fido will live happily ever after.



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