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How to shop for engraveable dog id tags…

April 23, 2009 | Comments (0) | Uncategorized

If you have a new puppy or in search of a new pet id tag, we offer a few suggestions to look for in the tag.  Oftentimes, tags will get worn out or tarnish with wear.  We suggest you spend the money on quality identification tags for dogs and cats alike.  We offer id tags that are guaranteed to be readable for the life of the tag. This is the most important thing to look for.  Secondly, what is the tag made of?  Solid stainless steel tend to be the best tags, something not chewable and will not warp with use.  A few tips on what to print on the tags….it’s important of course to have the dog’s name and phone number but if you can, include that the dog needs medication or if they have any medical issues.   Another great thing to include is if your dog is micro-chipped.   Addresses are oftentimes not as important since the person that finds your dog can simply call you for this information.    Make sure that the engravable pet tags you choose will not have engraving that ware out in case of emergency.    There are also many bling bling puppy tags on the market, including rhinestone doggie id tags, and our favorite, dog identification tags made of sterling silver and or gold. 

Having a hard time potty training your pet?

We often hear that pet owners have a hard time potty training their pets. The Sassy Pup Dog Boutique offers potty training bells that really do work!  These potty bells are highly recommended by vets, animal trainers, groomers and our customers etc. Our customers love these potty training bells.  Simply hang these bells on your door and teach your dog to ring them when they need to notify you when they need to go out to potty.   These bells really work and have a 98% effective rate.   These bells are strategically hung so large dogs or small dogs can reach the bells. The bells itself are made of high quality ribbon and bells that ring louder than normal so that you can hear them from many corners of your house.  These simple and inexpensive items work magically and will end many fustrations with pet owners when it comes to potty training and housebeaking a puppy or grown dog.   

Warm summers, cooling products for dogs…

Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, many dogs tend not to fare well in warmer days.  There are a multitude of great dog cooling products on the market today that will keep pets cool and safe during these hot months.  We offer dog cooling vests, which work wonderfully. These cooling vets have beads in them that soak up water.  Simply soak the vest in water, hang dry for a few hours, then attach to pet. They will bring the pet’s temperature down quite a few degrees. You will feel the coolest when placed on your arm.  We also offer cooling mats. These two great cooling products are reusable, washable, and safe on pets.  They serve well used at home, at dog parks, camping, car rides, stroller rides, walking, poolside, any any other summer excursions.   Please keep your pets safe and cool this summer!

Dog designer lines

We recently have brought on a few more high end designer couture lines for our beloved dog friends. They include Juicy Couture for dogs, Louis Dog, and a few other lines.  We have Juicy Couture dog clothes, toys, and carriers.  We carry Louis Dog organic, Louis Dog clothes, beds, pet steps, and many other items.  Another huge seller of high end pet haute couture is our line of Oscar Newman dog apparel and doggie belly bands. Very fashionable, trendy, and unique line of quality dog clothes.

Happy Earth Day…Eco Friendly Pet Products

We oftentimes get requests from our customers to carry a more extensive line of ‘green’ pet items.  Going organic is a huge thing as people are being more educated about the carbon footprints we leave behind.  As a result, there is a bigger demand for eco dog products.  There are a large variety of organic and eco friendly things available for our beloved puppy.  The include organic dog beds, organic pet clothes, organic tees, organic dresses, organic pet beds, organic dog treats, organic pet toys, eco friendly toys made from recyclable materials,  washable and reusable dog diapers and belly bands, washable pee pads and the list goes on.  As trends continue, more and more new doggie eco friendly products will continue to come out.  Both eco friendly and or organic, these items are often very fashionable, trendy, fun, cool, unique, and most importantly safe for our beloved pets.  For a list of our organic dog products and eco friendly pet items, check us out on www.sassypup.net as we build on this product line.



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