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Collapsable Pet Travel Bowls

If you ever travel, you know how difficult it is to pack your dog’s porclean breakable food and water bowls. What a pain! First you’r concerned it will break in travel, then it takes up a ton of room in your pet’s travel bag.  Great new pet product to prevent this is an elevated dog bowl that is collapsable! This pet bow has a collapsable stand and collapsable bowl. Such a space saver. This awesome dog food bowls fold to about 1.5″ thick and can be used for wet or dry food + water. Great for camping, traveling, visiting the dog park and weekened getaways!

Small Dog No Choke Harness Leather Step In to prevent choking

Have a small dog that loves to pull or tug and has a sensitive trachea so they choke? Try a no choke harness. These amazing leather dog harnesses and leash are designed so it wraps around their shoulders and not the sensitive little necks. They can pull and tug to their heart’s content and they will not choke, gag or cause long term damage to their trach. Try it and you will see a huge improvement as it alleviates the stress.

Blinging out your beloved dog with crystal and rhinestones

Many of our customers love to dress up their dog and adore things like crystal pet collars and anything that blings out their pets.   Some other ideas that you can spoil your pup include Swarovski crystal dog collars and leads, crystal dog jewelry and necklace, rhinestone pet harnesses and leash, silver luxury pet id tags, and swarovski crystal dog bows.  Why not spoil your most sweetiest baby right? Check out our luxurious selection of rhinestone and crystal dog products.



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