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What is better for a puppy, a dog harness or a collar?

January 9, 2012 | Comments (0) | dog harness

If you or your family got a new puppy this Christmas you’ve probably already begun to spoil them. You’ve already purchased the necessities such as drinking bowls, food, leashes, etc.  Now you are looking for things to show them your love and to maybe make them stand out from other puppies. One item that is both functional and can be stylish is a dog harness. It can also be safer for your pet then a simple leash.

Many pet owners find a dog harness a little more secure than a simple collar on their puppy.  A harness or vest wraps securely around your pet, often secured by Velcro, making them easy to put on and off.  The leash attaches to the harness and then you can safely walk your pet. With a collar, especially with a small dog, there is always a chance they can get free of it, if it hasn’t been properly adjusted.

Step In Dog Harness

Another reason that people prefer a harness over a collar is that it doesn’t put the amount of pressure on a pet’s neck or throat as a collar does. In one test, 63% of the dogs examined had neck and spinal injuries. They found that the majority of these were from dog collars being used.

Instead of all the force being applied to the neck or throat, it is goes underneath your pet’s chest and covers more of their body. This is especially apparent when first training your puppy to heel.  Instead of pulling on their neck when training, a harness displaces the pressure throughout your pet’s body.

If you prefer a collar, however, then consider a no pull harness, which is more like a leash, but designed specifically for training. A step in harness is also similar in look to a leash, but distributes the pressure evenly on your pet and as the name implies easy to put on.

For traveling, some dog harnesses can double as safety harnesses. Simply attach the harness to your seat belt and your dog will be more secure and safe sitting in your car.

Dog harnesses also offer a variety styles to choose from. You can deck a collar out in bling, but with a harness you can find dresses, vests, even holiday apparel. In our dog boutique alone we have dozens of styles to choose from. So if you want your pet to stand out during their next walk, then shop for a harness that matches their personality or the season.

With a puppy or any new dog, you want them to exercise, but you also want them to be safe. A harness is a good way to handle your puppy, even if they are hyperactive, without worrying about hurting them.



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