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What are dog belly bands?

February 23, 2012 | Comments (0) | Dog Belly Bands


Many pet owners search for dog belly bands even if they don’t know what they are. They simply type in dog diapers or diapers for dogs, not realizing belly bands are what people use for their male dogs to keep them from having accidents in the home. Actual pet diapers are used for female dogs.

Belly bands are designed to wrap around a dog, covering his private parts. Like a diaper, it doesn’t prevent your dog from having accidents, but it does protect your carpet and your belongings. It’s also not something to be worn all the time. This is why you should put them on when they enter your home, but take them off outside. It can be one way to help them to learn to be housebroken.Dog Belly Bands

Belly bands aren’t just for puppies; they are also helpful for older dogs that have become incontinent. You don’t want to penalize your older pet simply because they can’t control themselves anymore. With a belly band they can still roam freely in your house.

Belly bands are often made of sturdy cloth that will absorb urine. Some pet owners put feminine pads or incontinence pads inside to help. Either way, belly bands are machine washable so they are easy to keep clean. It’s a good idea to have at least two bands for your dog to wear so that while one is being cleaned your pet can wear the other.

It’s easy to put a belly band on as they usually are fastened by Velcro.  You can easily put them on and off depending on where your dog is going to be.

If belly bands are functional they can also be fashionable. At Sassy Pup we have designs of all types including those with monkeys and teddy bears. We also have humorous ones and bands created by top designers.  Just because they function as a diaper doesn’t mean they have to be blah.

If your pet is having accidents around the home, damaging furniture or flooring, don’t let it come in the way of enjoying your pet. Get them diapers or belly bands to wear so that they can still be an integral part of the family. Nor will you be embarrassed to take your pet to a friend or family member’s home. Instead of being dismayed

Female Dog Diapers and Male Bellybands

Yes, potty training is oftentimes a big issue to pet parents. What do you do if you try and try to potty train them or if you do not have the heart to crate train and you have to leave your dog at home while are away from work or need to feel comfortable having them roam around your house? We suggest pet diapers or potty training bells.Male dog belly bands

What exactly are they you ask? These are cloth dog diapers that you can put on your dog, female dog diapers for your little girls that are not potty trained or those that are in heat, or male belly bands. These dog diapers work like a charm. Great for puppies, dogs, or senior dogs, simply put one on your dog, add a feminine pad, change as needed, and wash the diaper after several wear. We suggest having a few pairs of the dog diaper or belly band just so you can launder them as needed, so that you are not washing them all the time. The great part about these cloth puppy diapers is that you are not constantly buying disposable diapers, both costly and bad for the environment. These dog diapers are such a big hit with our customers and works out really well.
On the other hand, if you prefer to potty train your pet, use a potty bell. If you are having trouble training your dog to communicate with you when they needs to go out to potty? Proven effective method to hang these bells on your door and your dog will enthusiastically notify you when they need to go out! 95% effective rate! Easy to train and recommended and endorsed by dog trainers, breeders and training manuals! This pet bell comes with instructions. Made of extra reinforced bells that ring louder than normal bells, these bells are snapped and looped safely in place so they cannot be pulled off; hung on heavy duty ribbon. The  bells are strategically placed at various height for small or large dogs to easily reach.  For a puppy 10 weeks - 20 years old dogs!

So, rather than scold your dog for their accidents, avoid locking them up in a crate all day, these pet diapers are efficient and a life saver.



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