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How to Buy The Best Dog Carrier For Your Pet

If you’re planning to travel a lot this summer and plan to take your pet with you, you want to make sure you have a dog carrier that meets your pet’s specific needs.  Most people think of the pet carrier’s they see at a local chain store, which are often plastic cases with metal link doors. These are serviceable, but for most pets you want to get something a little more.

The first thing to decide on is the size of carrier you need. Your pet should be able to comfortably stand up and have some room to move around. Measure your dog’s height and length and get something slightly larger. It shouldn’t be too big or it could tip easily or your pet could slide around too much while traveling. If it’s a puppy, then take into consideration how much you’ll use it before they’re full grown. If it’s only a couple times, then consider how big the puppy will be when full grown.

Pet carriers come in all styles and colors. You can find pet slings that go over your shoulder and carriers that look like purses. And just like a purse these carriers often have a number of compartments, which can come in handy for carrying treats, or your own belongings such as a cell phone or date planner. Another advantage to the purse style is that many business owners won’t know it’s a carrier if you have to stop into a store for a moment.

Portable carriers are easy to stow, but you need to make sure they have the proper ventilation. A quality carrier is sturdier, but that also means they can become hotter, especially in the summer. Many have mesh on them to allow your pet to look around and a number of styles can be opened slightly so they can pop their head out.

Pet carriers aren’t just used for traveling in a vehicle. If you’re constantly on the go and want to keep your pet close, a sling is a great way to carry a small pet (approximately 10 pounds or less). This keeps you from wearing your pet out from walking or having to stop constantly to let them regain their strength.  Slings, as do many carriers, come with d-rings that can attach to the pet to keep them from suddenly leaping out, and in the process getting injured.Buying a dog carrier

When purchasing a sling, take into consideration, not just if it’s comfortable for your pet, but also yourself.

Some other things to consider is how easy it is to keep your carrier clean and also if it has room to store some supplies.

Airline Approved Dog Carrier

If you and your pet fly frequently or it’s just a once in a lifetime trip, you still want a carrier that meets your needs, but most importantly its airline approved. After all, the last thing you want is to get ready to board a flight and find out your pet might not be able to fly.

Each airline has different restrictions, although most are close in their requirements.

  • What is the limitation on the dimensions of the carrier?
  • What are the requirements for weight?
  • Are pets kept in the carrier for the entire flight?
  • When are they fed and given new water.

With some airlines you can stow your pet and its carrier under your seat.  This is only practical if your pet fits comfortably in their carrier and that this carrier can fit under comfortably under your seat.

It’s always better to call ahead before a flight if you haven’t flown in a while or check your airline’s website to make sure regulations haven’t changed. Again it’s better to know in advance then to put you or your pet under undue stress.

Designer Dog Slings and Pet Carriers

Once you’ve decided on what type of carrier you need for your pet, then start looking at the various styles and colors available.  And if you really want to pamper your pet, then look at getting a designer pet carrier.

There are a number of designer lines available, all of which have their own unique strengths. Kwigy Bo designer carrier look like high end purses and have been featured in People, US Weekly, In Style, Shape, Lucky, Life & Style and many more.

Pet Flys carriers are more fun in appearance and as their name implies, they are designed as carry-on bags for airplanes. Tammy Arnett decided to design pet bags so she can take her dog on travels and over the past two decades travelers all over the world have utilized her carriers.

Once you’ve purchased a carrier introduce it to your pet in advance of the trip. This will allow them to get used it and think of it as their own. When traveling for an extended period, take along some of their favorite belongings such as blankets and toys. A carrier is designed to keep your pet safe, but there is no reason it can’t be their home away from home. Even while at home.

How to Safely Travel With Your Pet

There is nothing more distressing to me than driving by someone who has their pet in lap as they drive. While it’s obvious there is a bond between the pet and its owner, I can’t help but worry about the pet’s safety. A simply accident and the family dog could be severely injured or worse by hitting a steering wheel or by an airbag deploying. In fact, the accident itself could be the result of the pet suddenly moving or distracting the driver.

There is a reason small children aren’t allowed to ride in the front seat until they are a certain weight and height. While an airbag certainly prevents many injuries, the force of it going off is a violent action. A small body, whether it’s a child or a pet aren’t designed to withstand such force.Travel with your dog so that your safe

Pet safety seats are a way to keep your dog or cat safe whether it’s on a trip to the park or while traveling across country. Many are easy to hook up and even easier to secure your pet in. Often it’s a matter of using a safety strap that secures with a seat belt. One of the advantages for a smaller pet is the raised seat allows them to easily watch out the window. They are also easy to remove so it doesn’t take much to switch them to another vehicle.

It’s not just traveling that can pose a risk to pets. Leaving them alone in a vehicle in the summer makes them vulnerable to the heat. A car can get as warm as 120 degrees while parked and just opening a window will help in cooling them off.

Time for a Vacation? Plan Accordingly

Summer is coming and vacation plans are being made. If you’re like many pet owners, this trip involves taking the family pet along. A car seat is even more important, but so are other accessories.

Just as you do with the rest of the family, prepare a list in advance of what your pet will need on the trip, from having enough food to bringing their favorite water dish. Any medicines your pet may need should be at the top of the list, as well as some of their personal belongings such as blankets and toys.

Whether flying on an airplane, traveling in the family vehicle, or touring the country in an RV, a pet carrier is a good idea. An airline approved dog carrier could function for all of these. And there are even carriers that function like slings, making it easy to take your pet around as you take in the scenery.

If you don’t want to go with a car seat for your pet, then consider a pet travel crate. This will give them a little room to walk around and if you decorate it with their favorite blankets and toys it could seem like a second home for them. It will also come in handy if you have to leave for a while and can’t take them along.

Going to a warm location can mean your pet can become overly warm, not just during the day, but at night. Cooling mats or cooling vests are easy to use and do a lot to keep your pet comfortable.

One thing not to overlook is to have an easily readable engraveable Pet ID tag. It wouldn’t take much for your dog to suddenly jump out the door when you’ve stopped after a long day of driving. If your dog or cat has a pet id with your cell phone number on it, it will make things easier if someone finds them running around the campground.

Do you and your pet travel frequently? If I’ve left off something that travelers might find of interest, please leave something in our comments section.

What to buy for a new puppy


Getting a puppy is a big event for a family or for someone looking for a companion. Before bringing your new friend home you want to make sure you’re prepared. Knowing what to buy for a puppy before you bring it home will make it easier both for you and your new pet.

Where your puppy sleeps is an important decision. They are going through a period of adjustment in their new home. A crate is a way to develop their own little room while also keeping them and your belongings safe when no one is home.  Depending on the breed, you might want to find something they can easily grow in so you’re not replacing it in a few months.  If it’s too big in the beginning, do something to partition part of it off.

Some prefer to use a dog carrier for their pet to sleep in, especially if they travel a lot. Make sure what you get is airline approved if you plane to take your pet on board airplanes. At Sassy Pup we identify which airline carriers we sell are airline approved.

If you’re looking to really pamper your puppy then consider getting them their own bed.  There are literally dozens of styles to choose from, from a bolster bed to novelty beds that look like race cars. Maybe you already know your new pet’s personality and a designer or novelty bed could reflect their character.

Initially you might just want to put an old blanket or towel in the bed or crate with them as they are liable to chew on it or have accidents. You can always get them something nicer as they become housebroken.

A cage is a place they have a little more room in and can play in. It can also be a place where they can play with other puppies. Get something sturdy so that you don’t have to worry about them knocking it over and possibly being injured.

For the water bowls and food bowl get them something that won’t be easily tipped over, such as ones made from stainless steel. Otherwise you’re constantly cleaning up their mess and they’re liable to be without water.

Having something to walk your pet with is a must, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a leash and collar. While these can be safe some prefer a harness as it puts less pressure on a puppy’s neck. Whatever you get, make sure it’s the right size so that you can secure them safely. The last thing you want to have happen is for your little puppy get loose on their walk and potentially be harmed.

Most pet owners know that they need to have an easy to read pet ID tag, but why not get them something with a little bling. Get your little prince or princess something that will stand out and contain the needed information.

If you want to carry your pet around with you then consider a dog sling that slips over your shoulder and easily carries your pet.  At Sassy Pup we are all about designer products and what has proven popular with many of our shoppers are dog carriers that double as purses. These designer carriers look like stylish purses and even have room for your belongings.Puppy Toy

As with any youngster toys are a great way to occupy their time and maybe even burn off a little energy. Get something durable so that it’s not torn to pieces after one day of playing. One dog toy that is especially popular with Sassy Pup’s clientele is a Puppy Toy With Heartbeat Golden Dog. Many puppies feel separation anxiety being away from their mother and siblings. This toy has a heartbeat that comforts them and has heat packs that will keep your puppy warm at night. It’s a great way to get them to adjust to sleeping in their new environment and not have them whimpering all night.

As with any newborn there are always a lot of things they’ll need to have from food appropriate for their age to even diapers and belly bands. If it’s the winter months, then go clothes shopping starting with a winter coat. Shampoo and toothpaste also need to be purchased. And don’t forget to have plenty of dog treats on hand, as they’ll come in handy while training your puppy.

It seems like a lot to take care of, but you want your puppy to come into a welcoming and safe environment. They are going to be an integral part of your life for a number of years and they’ll pay you back tenfold for what you’ve given them. Help them get adjusted to your place right away and feel it is their home.



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