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How to keep your pet cool this summer.

Summer is coming and it’s time to start thinking about the heat and you’re pet. Just like humans, pets get uncomfortable on hot days. While we can turn up the air conditioning on warm days, pets are dependent on us to keep them cool. Leaving them alone in hot rooms or behind in a car as we run an errand can make them sick. Take the same precautions you would as if they were a child.

Dogs run warmer than humans normally. If it’s a particularly hot day, bring your dog in for a while, even if they usually stay outside. Make sure their dog dish has plenty of water.  Having a second water bowl is a way to make sure they don’t run out while you’re gone for the day.Keep your pet cool in the summer

If you regularly walk your dog, do it in the morning or evening, when it’s more comfortable for both of you. If you do have to walk them during the middle of the day try to keep them off the sidewalk. Or maybe look into buying them a pair of dog shoes. A cooling vest can be put on them to keep them cooler while they’re out.

There are also many products on the market that help keep our pets cool. Cooling mats are easy to use and reusable. They can be used at home or in cars or on the beach and their cooling effect can last for days.

If you like your pet to wear clothes, make sure they are light and comfortable. Don’t forget to get them some swimwear for while they are at the beach. This way they’ll look stylish and be cool.

If you do see that your pet is affected abnormally by the heat, cool them down with cold compresses. Panting is typical, but if they start to walk strangely or vomit, then consider contacting your veterinarian to see if you should be concerned.

Your pet is one of your closest companions. They look to you to provide for their needs and keep them safe. So when the temperatures start to climb do what you can to keep them safe and cool.



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