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Designer of the Month: Kwigy Bo Dog Carriers and Apparel

June 15, 2012 | Comments (0) | Uncategorized

It’s not many designers that can boast that celebrities such as Blake Lively, and Sarah Jessica Parker use their products and even fewer whose design lines are actually intended for dogs. Yet, Kwigy-Bo is not only popular with celebrities; it’s become one of the most recognized lines in the country.  At the Sassy Pup online dog boutique Kwigy-Bo dog carriers are among our most popular lines over the last five years.

Kwigy-Bo is known most for its stylish dog carriers that often look like fashionable purses.  Yet, owner Olivia Brown didn’t start out looking to create fashion for pets. She studied Art History at New York University and after graduation looked to continue with the family business.

“My family has been in fashion and I always knew I wanted to enter in the family business, but I wasn’t sure how.  Twelve years ago, I got a dog (Brussels Griffon) and started buying sweaters and accessories for her.  The boutique pet business was not that big at the time.  I don’t think Paris had gotten her first Chihuahua yet.  My mom saw the sweater and was like “we can make these”.  So that was it.”

One of the more unique things about the line is the name itself. If her own dog inspired her to go into the pet apparel business it was someone else’s pet that provided the name of the company.

It was the name of a friend of mine’s dog,” admits Corwin.  “But they had gotten the name from the first Simpsons episode.”

If Kwigy Bo today is more known for their dog carriers, their original products were primarily apparel.

“I started designing and making my own dog sweaters in the factory my family owns in Brooklyn and taking the samples door to door in Manhattan.   Dog carriers followed a year later.  We were the first designers to make bags that looked like handbags.  I was always carrying my dog around with me and needed a way to conceal her when I went into restaurants and stores. “Kwigy-Bo dog carriers

When one thinks of dog carriers, many people think of plastic crates that people carry their pets around in. Kwigy-Bo would change all that. Their carriers look more like high end designer purses. Not only will most people not realize the carriers is designed for pets, it has all the amenities of a purse, such as places to put belongings and for cell phones.  Yet, their carriers are even airline approved, making them perfect for women who travel frequently with their pets. Their most popular line is the Alex line, named for her father.

If the carriers make up most of their products, Corwin plans to go back to her original vision of the company.

“I will re-introduce our apparel this fall.  We were originally known for our apparel.  I have tried collars and leads in the past, but it’s difficult to get the manufacturing how I wanted it to be.  So, I am just concentrating on the carriers and apparel now.  I feel like we have a strong niche in the carriers. “

Brown finds inspiration for her designs all over the place.

“I travel a lot so — travel always inspires me and this may sound cheesy, but “life” is so inspiring.  I am entrepreneur so living my day to day life, I always find inspiration.”

At the Sassy Pup dog boutique we always wait in anticipation for the next design from Kwigy-Bo.  There is a reason their products have been featured in many popular magazine such as US magazine, People, InStyle, and more. Visit their website at www.kwigy-bo.com to learn more about their products.

With our blog we hope to feature a different designer each month so check back often to learn about the designers that are setting the standard for style.

How to Buy The Best Dog Carrier For Your Pet

If you’re planning to travel a lot this summer and plan to take your pet with you, you want to make sure you have a dog carrier that meets your pet’s specific needs.  Most people think of the pet carrier’s they see at a local chain store, which are often plastic cases with metal link doors. These are serviceable, but for most pets you want to get something a little more.

The first thing to decide on is the size of carrier you need. Your pet should be able to comfortably stand up and have some room to move around. Measure your dog’s height and length and get something slightly larger. It shouldn’t be too big or it could tip easily or your pet could slide around too much while traveling. If it’s a puppy, then take into consideration how much you’ll use it before they’re full grown. If it’s only a couple times, then consider how big the puppy will be when full grown.

Pet carriers come in all styles and colors. You can find pet slings that go over your shoulder and carriers that look like purses. And just like a purse these carriers often have a number of compartments, which can come in handy for carrying treats, or your own belongings such as a cell phone or date planner. Another advantage to the purse style is that many business owners won’t know it’s a carrier if you have to stop into a store for a moment.

Portable carriers are easy to stow, but you need to make sure they have the proper ventilation. A quality carrier is sturdier, but that also means they can become hotter, especially in the summer. Many have mesh on them to allow your pet to look around and a number of styles can be opened slightly so they can pop their head out.

Pet carriers aren’t just used for traveling in a vehicle. If you’re constantly on the go and want to keep your pet close, a sling is a great way to carry a small pet (approximately 10 pounds or less). This keeps you from wearing your pet out from walking or having to stop constantly to let them regain their strength.  Slings, as do many carriers, come with d-rings that can attach to the pet to keep them from suddenly leaping out, and in the process getting injured.Buying a dog carrier

When purchasing a sling, take into consideration, not just if it’s comfortable for your pet, but also yourself.

Some other things to consider is how easy it is to keep your carrier clean and also if it has room to store some supplies.

Airline Approved Dog Carrier

If you and your pet fly frequently or it’s just a once in a lifetime trip, you still want a carrier that meets your needs, but most importantly its airline approved. After all, the last thing you want is to get ready to board a flight and find out your pet might not be able to fly.

Each airline has different restrictions, although most are close in their requirements.

  • What is the limitation on the dimensions of the carrier?
  • What are the requirements for weight?
  • Are pets kept in the carrier for the entire flight?
  • When are they fed and given new water.

With some airlines you can stow your pet and its carrier under your seat.  This is only practical if your pet fits comfortably in their carrier and that this carrier can fit under comfortably under your seat.

It’s always better to call ahead before a flight if you haven’t flown in a while or check your airline’s website to make sure regulations haven’t changed. Again it’s better to know in advance then to put you or your pet under undue stress.

Designer Dog Slings and Pet Carriers

Once you’ve decided on what type of carrier you need for your pet, then start looking at the various styles and colors available.  And if you really want to pamper your pet, then look at getting a designer pet carrier.

There are a number of designer lines available, all of which have their own unique strengths. Kwigy Bo designer carrier look like high end purses and have been featured in People, US Weekly, In Style, Shape, Lucky, Life & Style and many more.

Pet Flys carriers are more fun in appearance and as their name implies, they are designed as carry-on bags for airplanes. Tammy Arnett decided to design pet bags so she can take her dog on travels and over the past two decades travelers all over the world have utilized her carriers.

Once you’ve purchased a carrier introduce it to your pet in advance of the trip. This will allow them to get used it and think of it as their own. When traveling for an extended period, take along some of their favorite belongings such as blankets and toys. A carrier is designed to keep your pet safe, but there is no reason it can’t be their home away from home. Even while at home.

How to Buy a Dog Bed, Finding the Best Beds for Dogs

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Buying the right bed for your dog is just as important as buying the right bed for yourself. After all you want your pet to be able to rest comfortably at night and think of the bed as their own personal space. The problem, however, is that when you want to buy a bed you can go around to a few mattress stores and test out a bed before buying it. With your pet, this really isn’t an option.

Since you can’t get a lot of input from your pet or have them try out a number of beds, you can at least look for ones that meet their specific needs. Factors to consider are the age of your pet, its size, as well as your budget. Also is your pet going to be sleeping inside or outside and what is the climate like?

It seems as if there are a larger variety of dog beds available then humans have. There are pillows, cushions, mats, bolster beds, lounge beds, elevated beds, and beds that resemble dog houses. You can find a bed fit for a princess or a simple pillow mattress that your dog can curl up in the corner of a room. It can make the buying process challenging, but also rewarding as you can come up with a bed that will make your pet feel very special

The first step is to decide what you want to spend. Dog beds can run from 20 dollars to hundreds of dollars. As with anything you often get what you pay for. That 20 dollar bed may not last very long and even if it does it won’t be very comfortable after a while. Whatever the amount you intend to spend you’re likely to find a number of choices. Don’t just be satisfied with what you find in a local pet store. One advantage of an online store is that you’re likely to have more choices that will fall within your budget.

Buying the best dog bed

Get a bed that is comfortable for your dog

If you’ve had your dog for a while you already know its sleeping habits. Does it like to curl up in a ball or stretch out? Does it seem to prefer to snuggle up against something or prefer something with a lot of space? Once you know how they prefer to sleep, measure them in their favorite position. If it’s a puppy or your dog is still growing, be sure to account for this so you do not have to get a new bed just a few months down the road.

For the dogs that like to snuggle or to curl up, donut beds or bolster beds are likely to appeal to them. Many designers, including Bowser, have created a number of beds that allow your pet to feel like they’re sleeping in a cave.

For older dogs there are other factors to consider. If they have arthritis or difficulty getting around you want something low to the ground, but still comfortable. Special orthopedic beds are available, as are heated beds. Just as older people or people with stiff joints enjoy a heating pad, older dogs may like how the warmth of their bed eases their stiffness. Having a bed with a memory foam mattress is another way to ensure they sleep comfortably.

Just as heat can be soothing so too can a cool bed on a hot night. Beds are available with cooling mats which if you’re in a warmer climate, may be something you need.

For older dogs or those that have trouble controlling their bladder, designer beds from Jax and Bones have a waterproof channel insert.

Another common health problem among dogs of all ages is allergies Dogs that are allergic tend to prefer organic material that isn’t sprayed or dyed by chemicals so look for organic dog beds for your pet.

Something else that is crucial, especially for dogs that shed a lot, is that the bed or at least the covering is easy to wash. Many beds have coverings that are easy to remove and can be thrown into the washing machine. This makes it not only nicer for your dog, but also helps keep the household smelling of pet odors. Quality beds like Bowsers are made of upholstery grade material, that is made of microvelvelvet, which hair, dirty and moisture won’t stick to, so they can simply shake off or vacuum off and will last many years to come

One of the things that separate a quality dog bed from a cheaper made bed is the mattress. Just as you wouldn’t want your mattress losing its shape and comfort over time so does your pet. If you’re going to be washing entire mattress on occasion you don’t want the matting clumping up during the wash. A quality dog bed will retain its shape even after a number of washes.

Your home décor may also be a factor in which bed you choose. If your pet sleeps in a room a number of people will see you don’t want something that stands out for all the wrong reasons. You can find designer dog beds of all styles that will match almost any room style.

Finally your pet’s bed can reflect their personality or that of its owner.  While most stores have only a limited number of styles on hand, designers today have created dog beds of all types. You can find novelty beds of all types from those that look like cars to those shaped like boats and even one that looks like an Iphone.

Having a bed a pet likes to sleep in and accepts as its own is important. It helps to keep them off the other furniture in the room and also makes them feel as if they have their own space. At Sassy Pup we have hundreds of beds to choose from so if you want something unique and special for your pet take a look at what we have to offer.

How to keep your pet cool this summer.

Summer is coming and it’s time to start thinking about the heat and you’re pet. Just like humans, pets get uncomfortable on hot days. While we can turn up the air conditioning on warm days, pets are dependent on us to keep them cool. Leaving them alone in hot rooms or behind in a car as we run an errand can make them sick. Take the same precautions you would as if they were a child.

Dogs run warmer than humans normally. If it’s a particularly hot day, bring your dog in for a while, even if they usually stay outside. Make sure their dog dish has plenty of water.  Having a second water bowl is a way to make sure they don’t run out while you’re gone for the day.Keep your pet cool in the summer

If you regularly walk your dog, do it in the morning or evening, when it’s more comfortable for both of you. If you do have to walk them during the middle of the day try to keep them off the sidewalk. Or maybe look into buying them a pair of dog shoes. A cooling vest can be put on them to keep them cooler while they’re out.

There are also many products on the market that help keep our pets cool. Cooling mats are easy to use and reusable. They can be used at home or in cars or on the beach and their cooling effect can last for days.

If you like your pet to wear clothes, make sure they are light and comfortable. Don’t forget to get them some swimwear for while they are at the beach. This way they’ll look stylish and be cool.

If you do see that your pet is affected abnormally by the heat, cool them down with cold compresses. Panting is typical, but if they start to walk strangely or vomit, then consider contacting your veterinarian to see if you should be concerned.

Your pet is one of your closest companions. They look to you to provide for their needs and keep them safe. So when the temperatures start to climb do what you can to keep them safe and cool.

Small Dog No Choke Harness Leather Step In to prevent choking

May 19, 2009 | Comments (0) | Uncategorized

Have a small dog that loves to pull or tug and has a sensitive trachea so they choke? Try a no choke harness. These amazing leather dog harnesses and leash are designed so it wraps around their shoulders and not the sensitive little necks. They can pull and tug to their heart’s content and they will not choke, gag or cause long term damage to their trach. Try it and you will see a huge improvement as it alleviates the stress.

How to shop for engraveable dog id tags…

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If you have a new puppy or in search of a new pet id tag, we offer a few suggestions to look for in the tag.  Oftentimes, tags will get worn out or tarnish with wear.  We suggest you spend the money on quality identification tags for dogs and cats alike.  We offer id tags that are guaranteed to be readable for the life of the tag. This is the most important thing to look for.  Secondly, what is the tag made of?  Solid stainless steel tend to be the best tags, something not chewable and will not warp with use.  A few tips on what to print on the tags….it’s important of course to have the dog’s name and phone number but if you can, include that the dog needs medication or if they have any medical issues.   Another great thing to include is if your dog is micro-chipped.   Addresses are oftentimes not as important since the person that finds your dog can simply call you for this information.    Make sure that the engravable pet tags you choose will not have engraving that ware out in case of emergency.    There are also many bling bling puppy tags on the market, including rhinestone doggie id tags, and our favorite, dog identification tags made of sterling silver and or gold. 

Dog designer lines

We recently have brought on a few more high end designer couture lines for our beloved dog friends. They include Juicy Couture for dogs, Louis Dog, and a few other lines.  We have Juicy Couture dog clothes, toys, and carriers.  We carry Louis Dog organic, Louis Dog clothes, beds, pet steps, and many other items.  Another huge seller of high end pet haute couture is our line of Oscar Newman dog apparel and doggie belly bands. Very fashionable, trendy, and unique line of quality dog clothes.

Happy Earth Day…Eco Friendly Pet Products

We oftentimes get requests from our customers to carry a more extensive line of ‘green’ pet items.  Going organic is a huge thing as people are being more educated about the carbon footprints we leave behind.  As a result, there is a bigger demand for eco dog products.  There are a large variety of organic and eco friendly things available for our beloved puppy.  The include organic dog beds, organic pet clothes, organic tees, organic dresses, organic pet beds, organic dog treats, organic pet toys, eco friendly toys made from recyclable materials,  washable and reusable dog diapers and belly bands, washable pee pads and the list goes on.  As trends continue, more and more new doggie eco friendly products will continue to come out.  Both eco friendly and or organic, these items are often very fashionable, trendy, fun, cool, unique, and most importantly safe for our beloved pets.  For a list of our organic dog products and eco friendly pet items, check us out on www.sassypup.net as we build on this product line.

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Our old website and shopping cart was not capable of handling the task we needed so we spent 3 months working feverishly with a great web developer to redesign a completely new website with a more user-friendly design and nicer looking website for our customers. The web developer was able to take the concepts we had envisioned and created a beautiful and functional website with really cool features. Since launch of our new website www.sassypup.net on July 6, 2007, we have had overwhelming response from our customers.  Our customers are commenting how wonderful the new website looks. We also have some neat features where there are customer loyalty points, for each amount of dollar spent, you get free loyalty points that you can redeem for $ off for our next purchase. We also feature a doggie gift registry to register for that cool trendy doggie birthday party new products on our website, have a cool blog page which we will try to blog at least once a month with news and fun articles, products review for each product from customers,  and hundreds of brand new products. What do you think of our new website?



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