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Dog Slings

September 1, 2008 | Comments (0) | Doggie Fashion News

Did you know that dog slings are the ‘it’ carriers this season? Our customers LOVE LOVE slings as it is functional, easy and comfortable to use and allows customers to carry their pets as they run errands. 

So what do you look for when shopping for a sling? Quality.  There are slings on the market that are considered ‘cheap’ but may not be sturdy or comfortable enough. We suggest looking for slings that are made of sturdy fabric, a doggy sling that is thick and lined, has a hook attachment that will allow you to hook your puppy or pet so that your darling is safe and secure. Our dog slings also have pockets for personal belongings, made of soft material and many of our slings for dogs come with straps that are adjustable to your body.

Pet slings are great for dogs under 15 lbs. Pets love being carried arround in slings.  If you are looking for trendy stylish doggie slings, shop at our dog boutique www.sassypup.net Both our female and male customers love the functionality of our couture dog slings. We offer designer Susan Lanci slings and Pet Flys Slings that are so cool.

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