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September 23, 2008 | Comments (0) | Fun Doggie Articles

When purchasing a dog bed, it is important to purchase a quality pet bed. Like many things, the quality of the bed is important and you will get what you pay for. Most beds on the market that you can purchase are low quality beds, usually made in China and will fall apart when you try to wash the bed. In addition, these puppy beds will not have enough cushioning. Like humans, dogs need good beds too, with adequate cushioning for comfort and longevity of their posturing.

The first and foremost thing when you are purchasing a dog bed is of course the look. Are you looking for a dog bed that matches your decor? Secondly, what size do you need and what health ‘features’ are you looking for in the puppy bed. Does that pet bed need to be round, square? Do you want a bolster donut bed style, pillow top, mats, rugs, feather down fill, cuddle cup sleeping bag style for those that love to burrow or are you looking for a fun novelty dog bed. Also, what material is the pet bed covered with? Is it covered with something soft and comfortable and is it removable for washing?  For certain seasons, pet beds also come in cooling material to keep your pet cool during the hot summers and heated beds are available for those cold winters. 

When it comes to pet beds, do your research.  We suggest sticking to quality name brand beds such as Bowsers Beds, Jax and Bones feather down beds. These are two designer name brand pet beds that are  made of quality upholstery grade covering, is washable/removable, and made of quality internal material that will have longevity, feels great, looks cool and will hold up and provide the quality comfort you are looking for your beloved puppy!

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