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Having a hard time potty training your pet?

We often hear that pet owners have a hard time potty training their pets. The Sassy Pup Dog Boutique offers potty training bells that really do work!  These potty bells are highly recommended by vets, animal trainers, groomers and our customers etc. Our customers love these potty training bells.  Simply hang these bells on your door and teach your dog to ring them when they need to notify you when they need to go out to potty.   These bells really work and have a 98% effective rate.   These bells are strategically hung so large dogs or small dogs can reach the bells. The bells itself are made of high quality ribbon and bells that ring louder than normal so that you can hear them from many corners of your house.  These simple and inexpensive items work magically and will end many fustrations with pet owners when it comes to potty training and housebeaking a puppy or grown dog.   

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