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Why purchasing a quality Pet ID tag is important

March 15, 2012 | Comments (0) | Pet ID tags

Of all the items you purchase for your pet, its ID tag can seem to be the cheapest. After all you can walk into a pet supply store, put a token into a machine and have your information punched into an ID tag. Yet, an ID tag can be one of your most important purchases and that cheap tag you recently purchased may, in fact, put your pet at risk.

Having a pet become lost is a stressful time for them and their owners. Each year millions of dogs end up in shelters or found wandering on the streets by strangers. One report estimates that each year 600,000 pet owners have to go to a shelter to reclaim their missing dog. You can make sure your pet is one of those lucky enough to be reunited with their pet through an easily identifiable id tag.

One of the first steps you should do after you pick up your new pet is to get its ID tag.  Your pets name will be the first things listed on the tag, followed by its family name and address.

The phone number is next. Many people naturally put their home phone number on the tag, but is this the best idea? Most people don’t use their home phone as much anymore, but they always have their cell phones. And what about when you’re traveling and no one is home? Your best option is to put your cell number on the id tag, so anyone finding your pet, can get in touch with you Pet ID Tagsimmediately.

The problem is that many cheap tags don’t allow you to put as much information as you like. Just the basic information may not be enough. For example, what if your dog has health problems, such as being blind or deaf? Perhaps it has allergies. Having medical information on your tag could protect your pet, while the person who found it is temporarily caring for it.

Having more information on a tag is just one reason to go with a better quality pet ID tag. While they may be more expensive initially, a quality pet id is actually cheaper, and safer, in the long run. That pet id tag you purchased from a machine isn’t designed to last forever.  They’re cheap because they’re made cheaply.  It won’t take long before the engraving begins to wear down. All it takes is for one number on your phone number to wear down and suddenly whoever finds your pet, can’t call you. If like many people your number is no longer in the phone book, they also can’t look it up even if they can read your name.

At Sassy Pup and many dog boutiques, engravelable pet id tags are available. Our identification tags are made of stainless steel and brass and the engraving is guaranteed to be readable for life. So the information on them remains easy to read. Our identification tags are made of stainless steel and brass and the engraving is guaranteed to be readable for life

Something else to consider is that a pet id is constantly in view. If you want to have your pet stand out then why not get a pet id with a little bling or character to it. At our dog boutique we offer a number of different styles, from gold and silver tags, to those that are patriotic or have a sports theme.Engraveable Dog Id tags

We even offer crystal pet id tags that come in an assortment of Swarovski crystal colors, shapes, and sizes. The jeweled dog id tags are gorgeous, handmade, cut from various metals and hand set with fancy Swarovski crystals. A layer of protective coating is added on top of the crystals to make it last for years to come.

Purchasing a Pet ID tag may seem like a simple thing. But take the time and money to get one that adequately protects your pet when they become lost. This way they’ll get home that much quicker.

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