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Designer of the Month: Kwigy Bo Dog Carriers and Apparel

June 15, 2012 | Comments (0) | Uncategorized

It’s not many designers that can boast that celebrities such as Blake Lively, and Sarah Jessica Parker use their products and even fewer whose design lines are actually intended for dogs. Yet, Kwigy-Bo is not only popular with celebrities; it’s become one of the most recognized lines in the country.  At the Sassy Pup online dog boutique Kwigy-Bo dog carriers are among our most popular lines over the last five years.

Kwigy-Bo is known most for its stylish dog carriers that often look like fashionable purses.  Yet, owner Olivia Brown didn’t start out looking to create fashion for pets. She studied Art History at New York University and after graduation looked to continue with the family business.

“My family has been in fashion and I always knew I wanted to enter in the family business, but I wasn’t sure how.  Twelve years ago, I got a dog (Brussels Griffon) and started buying sweaters and accessories for her.  The boutique pet business was not that big at the time.  I don’t think Paris had gotten her first Chihuahua yet.  My mom saw the sweater and was like “we can make these”.  So that was it.”

One of the more unique things about the line is the name itself. If her own dog inspired her to go into the pet apparel business it was someone else’s pet that provided the name of the company.

It was the name of a friend of mine’s dog,” admits Corwin.  “But they had gotten the name from the first Simpsons episode.”

If Kwigy Bo today is more known for their dog carriers, their original products were primarily apparel.

“I started designing and making my own dog sweaters in the factory my family owns in Brooklyn and taking the samples door to door in Manhattan.   Dog carriers followed a year later.  We were the first designers to make bags that looked like handbags.  I was always carrying my dog around with me and needed a way to conceal her when I went into restaurants and stores. “Kwigy-Bo dog carriers

When one thinks of dog carriers, many people think of plastic crates that people carry their pets around in. Kwigy-Bo would change all that. Their carriers look more like high end designer purses. Not only will most people not realize the carriers is designed for pets, it has all the amenities of a purse, such as places to put belongings and for cell phones.  Yet, their carriers are even airline approved, making them perfect for women who travel frequently with their pets. Their most popular line is the Alex line, named for her father.

If the carriers make up most of their products, Corwin plans to go back to her original vision of the company.

“I will re-introduce our apparel this fall.  We were originally known for our apparel.  I have tried collars and leads in the past, but it’s difficult to get the manufacturing how I wanted it to be.  So, I am just concentrating on the carriers and apparel now.  I feel like we have a strong niche in the carriers. “

Brown finds inspiration for her designs all over the place.

“I travel a lot so — travel always inspires me and this may sound cheesy, but “life” is so inspiring.  I am entrepreneur so living my day to day life, I always find inspiration.”

At the Sassy Pup dog boutique we always wait in anticipation for the next design from Kwigy-Bo.  There is a reason their products have been featured in many popular magazine such as US magazine, People, InStyle, and more. Visit their website at www.kwigy-bo.com to learn more about their products.

With our blog we hope to feature a different designer each month so check back often to learn about the designers that are setting the standard for style.

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