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How to Buy a Dog Bed, Finding the Best Beds for Dogs

April 21, 2012 | Comments (0) | Uncategorized

Buying the right bed for your dog is just as important as buying the right bed for yourself. After all you want your pet to be able to rest comfortably at night and think of the bed as their own personal space. The problem, however, is that when you want to buy a bed you can go around to a few mattress stores and test out a bed before buying it. With your pet, this really isn’t an option.

Since you can’t get a lot of input from your pet or have them try out a number of beds, you can at least look for ones that meet their specific needs. Factors to consider are the age of your pet, its size, as well as your budget. Also is your pet going to be sleeping inside or outside and what is the climate like?

It seems as if there are a larger variety of dog beds available then humans have. There are pillows, cushions, mats, bolster beds, lounge beds, elevated beds, and beds that resemble dog houses. You can find a bed fit for a princess or a simple pillow mattress that your dog can curl up in the corner of a room. It can make the buying process challenging, but also rewarding as you can come up with a bed that will make your pet feel very special

The first step is to decide what you want to spend. Dog beds can run from 20 dollars to hundreds of dollars. As with anything you often get what you pay for. That 20 dollar bed may not last very long and even if it does it won’t be very comfortable after a while. Whatever the amount you intend to spend you’re likely to find a number of choices. Don’t just be satisfied with what you find in a local pet store. One advantage of an online store is that you’re likely to have more choices that will fall within your budget.

Buying the best dog bed

Get a bed that is comfortable for your dog

If you’ve had your dog for a while you already know its sleeping habits. Does it like to curl up in a ball or stretch out? Does it seem to prefer to snuggle up against something or prefer something with a lot of space? Once you know how they prefer to sleep, measure them in their favorite position. If it’s a puppy or your dog is still growing, be sure to account for this so you do not have to get a new bed just a few months down the road.

For the dogs that like to snuggle or to curl up, donut beds or bolster beds are likely to appeal to them. Many designers, including Bowser, have created a number of beds that allow your pet to feel like they’re sleeping in a cave.

For older dogs there are other factors to consider. If they have arthritis or difficulty getting around you want something low to the ground, but still comfortable. Special orthopedic beds are available, as are heated beds. Just as older people or people with stiff joints enjoy a heating pad, older dogs may like how the warmth of their bed eases their stiffness. Having a bed with a memory foam mattress is another way to ensure they sleep comfortably.

Just as heat can be soothing so too can a cool bed on a hot night. Beds are available with cooling mats which if you’re in a warmer climate, may be something you need.

For older dogs or those that have trouble controlling their bladder, designer beds from Jax and Bones have a waterproof channel insert.

Another common health problem among dogs of all ages is allergies Dogs that are allergic tend to prefer organic material that isn’t sprayed or dyed by chemicals so look for organic dog beds for your pet.

Something else that is crucial, especially for dogs that shed a lot, is that the bed or at least the covering is easy to wash. Many beds have coverings that are easy to remove and can be thrown into the washing machine. This makes it not only nicer for your dog, but also helps keep the household smelling of pet odors. Quality beds like Bowsers are made of upholstery grade material, that is made of microvelvelvet, which hair, dirty and moisture won’t stick to, so they can simply shake off or vacuum off and will last many years to come

One of the things that separate a quality dog bed from a cheaper made bed is the mattress. Just as you wouldn’t want your mattress losing its shape and comfort over time so does your pet. If you’re going to be washing entire mattress on occasion you don’t want the matting clumping up during the wash. A quality dog bed will retain its shape even after a number of washes.

Your home décor may also be a factor in which bed you choose. If your pet sleeps in a room a number of people will see you don’t want something that stands out for all the wrong reasons. You can find designer dog beds of all styles that will match almost any room style.

Finally your pet’s bed can reflect their personality or that of its owner.  While most stores have only a limited number of styles on hand, designers today have created dog beds of all types. You can find novelty beds of all types from those that look like cars to those shaped like boats and even one that looks like an Iphone.

Having a bed a pet likes to sleep in and accepts as its own is important. It helps to keep them off the other furniture in the room and also makes them feel as if they have their own space. At Sassy Pup we have hundreds of beds to choose from so if you want something unique and special for your pet take a look at what we have to offer.

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