Dog Grooming: Tips and Guides

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As much as humans need to be groomed, dogs should be groomed too! Dog grooming is the act of providing a hygienic care and cleaning to dogs, through which the dog’s appearance is enhanced.

When grooming your dog, it does not only enhance their physical appearance, but it can also remove dead hair and skin cells. This can allow you to inspect other signs of health issues and at the same time, have a quality bond.

Here is a list of the basic grooming tools that you need to groom your dog.

  1. Brush; the right kind of brush varies with your dog’s fur.
  2. Nail clipper; get a good one, do not settle for a cheap nail clipper.
  3. Organic flea control shampoo
  4. Dog toothbrush and toothpaste
  5. Towel
  6. Small scissors
  7. Ear drops
  8. Ear and eye wipes

Regular grooming needs a training process just like dental care. Establish and maintain a grooming schedule. A good rule of thumb for grooming is to start at an early age of the dog, it is best to get them used, have their first grooming around 3 months to 6 months of age.


When you brush your dog’s coat, use a brush with soft bristles and gently stroke his back. Dogs can manipulate brushing through biting and nibbling, be patient. Comb and brush to the direction of the hair growth until it is tangle free. As you brush your dog, take time to look for some signs of infection or parasites. If by any chance you see parasite infestations, bring your dog to the veterinary clinic and ask for some appropriate diagnosis and treatment.


Gently give your dog a bath. Make sure to use a tap water to prevent the dog from getting cold. Use organic shampoos to prevent any skin problems. Dry him with a towel. Do not forget to put cotton in the ears to prevent the water getting inside the ear.

Nail trimming…

You have to keep their nails at an appropriate length. Long paw nails can break, it can hurt and cause infection to your dogs. Trimming might cause hurt, however, this is what’s best for them. Pick up one of their paws and hold it gently, he might get comfortable with the Clippers, make your dog comfortable with some treats. Note that this process requires a lot of patience.

Tooth brushing…

This is not only for humans! Dogs need their teeth to be brushed, too. Experts recommend doing this daily. You have to use the appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste for your dogs. More so, there are dog foods that are best for your dogs. Hard biscuits and rawhide chews can help the plaque to scrape off from their teeth.

A groomer can lend help…

If you plan on taking your pet to a professional groomer, you can do so. However, make your dog feel that grooming is fun and not stressful. Let him associate that the bond with the professional groomer is fun.

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