Dog Health: Foods to Avoid

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There are human foods that can pose danger to our dogs, it may seem healthy for humans but it should be avoided by your pet. As a dog enthusiast and a dog owner, it is essential to know the foods to include or not include in your dog’s diet.


Although almonds and nuts are not toxic to dogs, it can block the esophagus or tear the windpipe of dogs. Salted nuts and almonds should be avoided, it can increase water retention which can lead to cardiac disease.


This green fruit may look yummy, but this contains persin, a fungicidal toxin that can upset the stomach of your dog.


All throughout the animated movies, bones are given to dogs, however, this poses danger to dogs. It can choke the dogs, can block their gut, and as a result, it can lead to intestinal damage. Thus, if you want to assist the oral health of your dogs, give them dental chews.


It does not contain any nutritional value, small amounts of bread are acceptable. However, it might contain some preservatives. The dough can expand in the stomach of your dog, and the fermented yeast can become toxic to the dog.


A few cashews are good for dogs if they are unsalted, it contains proteins, calcium, antioxidants, and magnesium. A large number of cashews can lead to fat-related conditions and weight gain to dogs.


It is possible to give a small amount of cheese to dogs, however, choose those that are low-fat.


Theobromine is found in chocolates and cocoa which can be extremely poisonous to dogs. Chocolates also contain methylxanthines, a stimulant that can stop the metabolic process of a dog. A small amount of chocolate can already lead the dog to sickness, dehydration, high blood pressure, and diarrhea.


Products that contain caffeine can affect the cardiac function of the dogs.


Cinnamon has oils that can irritate the mouth of the dogs, it can also lower the blood sugar of the dogs that can result to increased or decreased heart rate, liver disease, vomiting, and diarrhea. If cinnamons are inhaled, it can cause difficulty in breathing, choking and coughing to dogs.

Dairy products

There are dogs that are lactose intolerant, it can lead to stomach upsets and skin allergies.

Garlic and onion

It contains organosulfides that can affect the production and damage the red blood cells of the dogs, it can lead to anemia. It causes pale gums, weakness, and increased heart rates in dogs.


It is used on cakes, toothpaste, gums, that can cause a rapid onset of insulin. An increasing amount of insulin can cause seizures and can damage the liver of your dogs. It can lead to vomiting and weakness.

Be aware of food poisoning to your dogs, it might cause severe health issues, it requires urgent veterinary attention, contact your vet right away. Give the foods that contain high nutritional value, make sure that the foods are beneficial to your dogs.

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