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Dogs that are trained to provide comfort, affection, and love to people are called therapy dogs. They are based in retirement homes, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and disaster areas, some are trained for people with autism and anxiety disorders.

Therapy dogs are not service or assistance dogs, they are not trained to assist individuals. Services dogs are trained to perform some specific tasks to aid a person with disabilities.

Almost all of the dog breeds can be for emotional support, there are certain dog breeds that will best suit you because of their temperament. There are different dog breeds that can provide great emotional support and companionship.

Labrador retriever

A highly flexible breed that has an extraordinary intelligence, thus they can be easily trained. As they are loyal, they can still be friendly and can socialize. However, they should be given space for they are prone to suffer from hip and joint problems.


This dog breed is known to be for herding and farms, but this dog can be quiet and affectionate. They might be scary to look at, but greyhounds can be best therapy dogs. They can be a companion in sleeping, they spend their time curled up and they only bark at rare times.


Pomeranians are often adopted by elders as they are sociable and friendly.


This dog breed is highly intellectual, they can be easily trained. They are best for family homes since they are adaptable and has a long lifespan unlike other dog breeds.


Just like greyhounds, they are perceived as a dangerous breed. But, most people do not know that they are friendly and calm around people. Rottweiler can be shy with new people, they need constant support and an extensive interaction.

German shepherd

With all forms of training, German shepherds are the best, thus they are one of the best breeds for emotional support and companionship. This dog breed is preferred for they are obedient, gentle and sociable.


Pugs can be easily transported, they are favorable for small apartment owners. They please people with their cute appearance—big, puppy-dog eyes and wrinkled skin. They have a positive temperament that can easily provide comfort, most especially to people who are suffering from neurologic development disorders. However, they should be taken care of because they can suffer from hip displacements and breathing difficulties.

Pembroke Welsh corgi

Corgis can be an excellent watchdog, they give comfort to the sick and to those who have lost a loved one.


A small breed is known to be ideal for family homes. They have floppy ears and a tricolor combination that makes them cute. The qualities of a beagle for being entertaining and friendly makes them a good companion. They get along easily with new people and other animals.

All dog breeds are not only capable of providing emotional support, they can also detect when their owners are feeling sad or going through depression. This only implies that dogs really are a man’s best friend.

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