Tick Prevention: Tips

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It is not healthy for your dogs to have ticks and fleas. These pests can cause health problems to your pets, it can cause serious discomfort and skin problems.

Flea allergy dermatitis: Dogs suffer from this allergic reaction due to the saliva of the flea.

Anemia: Extreme flea and tick infestations in young and small dogs can lead to significant blood loss.

Lyme disease: This is a tick-transmitted disease that can cause weakness, swollen joints, poor appetite and fever to dogs.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever: This is a serious infection that is transmitted by ticks that are infected, it can cause decreased appetite, painful muscles and joints, and fever.

Ehrlichiosis: This can cause the dog to have loss of appetite, high fever, bleeding problems, and depression depending on the severity of the infection.

To prevent flea and tick infestations and these health problems, make your dog healthy!

  • Feed your dogs raw and whole foods that are appropriate to their diet.
  • Avoid using chemicals, such as pesticides, toxic cleaners, and fertilizers.
  • Reduce the administration of vaccines and drugs.
  • Apply a natural protective spray on your dog’s coat.

There are pharmaceutical drugs that can help you eliminate ticks and fleas on your dogs. However, there are also drugs that can affect the health of the dogs.


It gains access to the body and it can be contained in the organs, fats, urine, feces of the dogs. This drug can affect the nervous system of the dogs and can cause thyroid cancer.

Pyrethrins and pyrethroids

This can cause severe health problems to the dogs, it includes heart attacks, seizures, and brain damage.


This is an insect neurotoxin that acts on the central nervous system on the ticks and fleas. It has a lower toxicity effect to the dogs, however, it can still cause health problems such as increased cholesterol levels, liver toxicity, and thyroid lesions.

What’s best to do?

Bring your dog to the veterinarian and have them recommend one-year preventive measures to repel from ticks and fleas. Do not buy pharmaceutics that is not guaranteed by the vet.

Have your dogs a regular tick checks. Inspect the skin, armpits, and ears of your dog. Find and get rid of any ticks on your dog to prevent disease transmission.

Groom your pet regularly! Aside from checking them from pests and making them feel fresh, it is also a way to spend some quality time with your dog.

Take time to clean the yard and your dog’s area. Keep these areas well-maintained, ticks tend to live in a warm, shady and moist area with organic debris. Eliminate their place for hiding and breeding.

Have your dog get a regular checkup at the vet. A routine checkup can help determine signs of tick and flea infestation and other health problems.

Let us avoid all these problems by being vigilant for our best friends. Any changes in their behavior should be addressed to the vet immediately. Choose products that are recommended by the vet.

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