We are looking for a fellow dog enthusiast, a dog lover and an eager writer. We will be thrilled to invite you to write original articles that match your respective field to share your advice, expertise, and insights to our dog lovers’ reader base.

If you want to write for us…

The article written should be at least 500 words of original content. It should use an objective point of view, which conveys valuable advice and tips in an approachable and understandable tone. The contents that will be accepted for posting will be edited for clarity and to provide ease for the readers.

Guidelines for the writers…

The articles should be written originally by the writer and the article is not published anywhere. When the editors will approve the article topic, a response with an email address will be given as to where to submit the article in Word format as an email attachment.

The articles should provide the readers a clear advice, and guide tips about a specific topic about dogs, however, we prefer a specific niche about dog training, dog health, and dog accessories. Articles in bullet points and lists add emphasis.

If there are instances that you include business or company names in the article, make sure that you disclosed any interests that you have.

However, we do not pay guest contributors for their occasional articles.

When you send your article, the format of your subject line should be ‘Article Submission: <topic>’, and provide a summary of the article.

When your article is published, share it on your social media channels and let them comment on the article for their suggestions and insights.

If the article is not approved, we may or may not send feedback, it depends on the number of guest posts or article submissions.

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